Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I now have a picture after many days of grey light. Instead of taking a photo in good daylight I scanned this painting once it was dry and adjusted the colours  as near to the painting as possible.
value sketch

oil on wrapped canvas 8"x 8"

Friday, 21 November 2014

Not Enough Daylight!

I've managed to finish this little painting, but couldn't take a decent photo, the light is very grey, its been raining most of the day. I love the rain though so I'm not complaining.   :  )
Buds and Rose
oil on canvas 8"x 8"

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Value Sketches

Hi everyone, I've really missed blogging these last few weeks and actually this year I have posted less and less. I am still painting as much as ever, maybe more so, its just been so hectic. Especially these last few months. On the 29th of October I took part in a day long workshop in Urban Landscape run by Adebanji Alade. It was very intense and I absolutely loved every minute of it, Adebanji is such a gifted artist and has such a passion which comes through in his teaching. I was so wrapped up in the day that I took very few pictures, but if you look on Adebanji's facbook you will see all the details.

 He taught us that doing a value sketch before beginning a painting goes a long way towards creating a successful painting. Over the years I have always meant to sketch more, but after a few drawings I go back to just painting straight away. I vow to sketch more as it really does make such a difference. Value sketches help to work out the design of the painting and see if there is enough contrast and balance between values.

The more I paint the more I feel I have so much to learn, but blogging has meant so many positive benefits , I feel is essential to my growth as an artist. the very practice of painting and posting, receiving encouragement from artists and keeping in touch with what everyone else is doing is so important. Painting is such a solitary occupation and most times blogging is the only social means of communication with other artists.