Saturday, 28 April 2018

Saturday Night Sketch

I have a new favourite rose, I don't know what its called , but it has pale green leaves on the outside and a warm cream colour on the inside.

I spent most of today sorting out all my materials and cleaning my brushes. I've found that biological washing powder will remove stubborn oil from stiff brushes and make them soft again.

Now I feel ready to resume my art journey and it feels good.

Saturday Night Sketch
fine line pens and watercolours
seawhite sketch book

Monday, 23 April 2018

Blossoms in the Rain

This is the best time of year and I am in awe every time I am outdoors. I have a tonne of photos to work from and I am planning on going out there and paint plein air, before the blossoms disappear.

In the last year I have lost two men who meant a great deal to me. Shelley Ryde was my first supervisor in an admin role for Ross Youngs. He was a father figure and even after I left work he was always there for me.
 Roy George was our family solicitor, he dealt with everything when we settled in the UK, he helped us buy our houses over the years and even after he retired I kept in touch with him. He was the first person to encourage me to start painting eight years ago. I want to ring him and tell my art news and I know he's not there anymore and it feels like a part of me is missing.
Rest in peace  Shelley and Roy, you were both golden guys.

Blossoms in the Rain
Seawhite Sketchbook