Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Free Your Mind

Hi guys, I suppose you all must be used to me disappearing for months on end. Its been nearly three months this time!! Now I am going to try again and see if I can find that daily painting buzz I used to love so much.

I heard this song by Sub Focus on the radio recently and it is motivational, he sings to not be about the trouble, free your mind and  it actually freed me to open up my blog again. It's so easy to lose focus just trying to get through each day, being a woman in this day and age is tough. We are too hard on ourselves and sacrifice our own freedom and passions far too often. This blog is my passion and I am so grateful for this connection to the outside world.


Free Your Mind
oil on cartridge paper
5"x 5"


  1. Welcome back - a lovely image. It's hard to juggle everything that we women have to and it's great to see your work as and when you get chance to post!

  2. Thanks Jennifer!!! It feels good to be back!
    I'm thinking of joining a local ramblers group, would you be interested?

  3. Hi Azra Thanks for the kind invitation, but I've gone back to my weekly art class and as I'm still working I can't take on another regular commitment. Would be nice to pop round to see your latest work again though - maybe end of Oct when I've finished my latest work?


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