Thursday, 1 February 2018

Inspiration from an Artists Life

I had planned to finish this painting today , but by the time I had finished work I was in so much pain from my shoulder that I got so far and had to stop.
I have been cooking for a living for twenty four years and before that I worked in an office . I suppose after using the same muscles and joints this is how it is, I am no different to many people out there. On top of that I have also had fibromyalgia  for the last three years, which just adds to the misery sometimes.
Despite my physical problems I never let myself stay down for long. Life is for living and for any artist out there we know that stopping our work is really the last resort.
Three years ago I visited a friend in the South of France and she took me to see Renoir's house . His studio was as it had been when he was alive, his wheel chair was there, his props and easel. It was inspiring to see how that even when he was crippled with arthritis he did not stop.

A little note to all of you who have supported me along the way so far: Thank you for all your encouragement and support, every painted that has been bought has gone a long way towards helping me with paying for materials and trips to all the best galleries in London.

Painting of a rainy day in London
My aim is to show up at the easel as much  as I can, so long as I can do that I have already won, everything else is a huge bonus.

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