Saturday, 10 March 2018

Blossoms on Stockingstone Hill

I've spent the last three weeks stressing about the health of a family member. I am happy to say that things are back to normal. Just the worry stops me in my tracks and I can't pick up a paint brush to save my life!! There must be a way to put everything to one side and paint. If anyone knows of a way , PLEASE tell me. :  )

Anyway, every year I vow to go out there and paint the blossoms. They are not out yet , but this is from a photo I took two years ago.

Blossoms on Stockingstone Hill
oil on canvas board
8" x 10"

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  1. Gorgeous painting, so fresh and 'springly' ! Love the way you dotted on the flowers of the tree , they just pop ! I am like you , need no. worries in my mind to be able to paint.


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