Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Finding A Way

I have been finding a way to paint abstract landscapes,  I think I am making headway. There is a long way to go, these challenges we set ourselves are never easy, but the harder it is the better the satisfaction at the end.

My path to becoming a professional artist has so far taken me just over seven years and I feel that I am nearly there. The hard part has been finding the time, I work fulltime as a self employed caterer, its physical hard work and long hours, which leaves me with little time or energy for what I love to do best. Still, I count my blessings everyday, my kids, my husband, my cats, a warm home. Art is a bonus, a huge bonus, it keeps me sane when I worry too much about anything, gives me hope that there will come a time when I can get up in the morning and just paint. Just the shear joy of being inspired by a bunch of flowers in a vase, how the light shines from the water and how day by day the flowers change colour and drop petals.
I have my bad days. when I can't move forward with what I am trying to paint, or I'm not being paid what I think I deserve, or huge delays in payment, if I was dependent on my art alone I would have starved long ago. Its not fair that people who work are paid a regular wage and yet they can delay paying you just because its art. Not being valued does affect me, however much I try to not let it. It knocks my confidence and, because I rely on what I sell to finance anything art related, such as materials, entering competitions, visiting galleries and museums.
Anyway, that's enough griping for today. : )  I hope you all have a great week.
Finding A Way
oil on paper

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  1. I really like this painting, don't know if it is big , but if it is ...fabulous !


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