Friday, 3 November 2017

Unripe Figs, Fallen Leaf on Day 3

I'm not following World Watercolor Group challenge to the letter , but I am enjoying creating a sketch a day.

Our fig tree is preparing for autumn, the leaves are falling and the second lot of figs have not ripened, I don't think the UK is warm enough for a second harvest. I thank God for this climate everyday, I love how it changes and I particularly love the rain.

Inripe Figs, Fallen Leaf on Day 3
Seawhite sketchbook


  1. I love the rain too , but I think we are exceptions LOL . Great sketch of your figs I am actually surprised they can can ripen in England.

  2. so once the leaves fall, do the fruits fall as well? It is a pity if they dont ripe. Lovely sketch!

  3. Figs are one of my favourite fruits. This is another beautiful sketch Azra!


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