Saturday Night Sketch

Saturday Night Sketch
Saturday Night Sketch

Monday, 1 July 2013

A Dozen Pink Roses Challenge

I bought a bunch of pink roses on Saturday morning, they are gorgeous big headed, large petals in the most delightful pink shades.  Every time I buy a bunch of flowers I feel guilty that this is an indulgence and I have to justify my purchase, so I have decided that from this bunch I am going to make thirty paintings. I'm going to have fun with whatever medium is available and any style from realism to abstract. I might end up frying my brains but I think I will enjoy this challenge.

If anyone wants to join me by buying some flowers and really taking your imagination to the next level please do have a go and tell me about it as well.

I've already made a start with two paintings in my usual style.

Pink Rose in Creamer
Oil on canvas board 8"x8"
Pink and Purple
Oil on canvas board 4"x4"
Available please contact me on


  1. Oh my goodness, thirty gorgeous paintings in a series! That will be a precious collection to see. These are both beautiful, and so different from each other. It will be fun to see all the different emotions and moods that you can create from the same flowers, portraying them in different ways.

  2. I couldn't choose one , they are so beautiful both of them, just love the soft pastel colors you used . 30 paintings from the same bouquet, that is a lot of guilt feeling:-))) But I know you can pull it off beautifully !

  3. I love your spirited creativity and what more does an artist need? It is amazing to see the two paintings that are so different and yet feel so connected, imagine more to be connected as well, that would be a visual treat!

  4. Hello Azra:) I still know that you just started with oil painting and doubted that you could. And look: painting roses on 30 different ways. Good work! And you will certainly succeed:) Your roses paintings are always wonderful Azra. Good luck with the challenge. xx


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